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August and September bring one of my favorite events of the year for herbal happenings. It’s time for the back-to-school Herbal Academy sale! You can save 30% on courses and path packages during the sale, so it’s the perfect time to start (or continue!) your herbal studies. Find the full list of courses on sale here (#ad) or continue reading to see what I love about learning with the Academy, some of my favorite courses, and what I’m particularly excited about this year.

My herbal journey with the Herbal Academy

Several years ago, I was a member of the writing team at the Academy. I love the attention to detail and research they put into every course. Watching them add to their foundational courses with new, exciting offerings that inspire their student community has been so much fun. Now, I partner with the Academy as an affiliate and earn commissions on sales of their courses.

Personally, I’ve completed (and loved) the Mushroom course, the Materia Medica Course, and the Advanced Herbal Course. (More on that below!)

What I love about Herbal Academy Courses

It’s hard to find online herb schools with good reputations and affordable courses. This school has worked hard to combine accessibility with a dedication to both the modern and traditional aspects of herbalism. They provide:

  • Professionally referenced and researched courses
  • A diverse writing team with many perspectives and specialties within herbalism
  • Beautifully presented materials with videos, printables, and further reading lists
  • The flexibility of online, at-your-own-pace learning
  • Optional course upgrades like textbooks and workbooks
  • Vibrant student community forums and social media groups

New lifetime access with Herbal Academy!

And, new this year, Herbal Academy now offers lifetime access. Originally, all courses had a time limit for completion. Extensions were available for purchase if you needed more time to complete your course. But you had to carefully download all of your course materials and save them or print them out if you wanted to have them after graduation.

I’m so excited that lifetime access is available. I even upgraded my completed courses to lifetime access so I can easily refresh my memory on topics I’ve covered in the lessons.

Why take advantage of the back to school Herbal Academy sale?

If you’ve been looking for a way to invest in your herbal education or inspire your herbal studies, you won’t want to miss this. The savings are one of the best parts of the back-to-school sale! You can save 30% on all courses and path packages through September 18th.

The other great thing about the sale is that there’s something for everyone in the Academy’s course offerings. They have foundational courses at the Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. There are even Path package bundles for family herbalists, entrepreneurs, and aspiring clinical herbalists.

Or, consider trying something from their short course collection to infuse your herbal studies with a little extra inspiration. They offer interesting topics to explore like:

  • herbal fermentation
  • botanical skincare
  • foraging
  • or mastering formulation

My favorite courses so far

I’ve taken three courses with them so far. The Advanced Herbal Course, the Mushroom Course, and the Materia Medica are all wonderful!

The Advanced Herbal Course is designed to give students the background they need to work within herbalism professionally. It’s one of the most detailed and in-depth courses offered by the Academy. If you are a beginner herbalist but know you want to dedicate your career to working as an herbalist, the Clinical Herbalist Path package may be perfect for you (#ad). It includes the Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses bundled together.

The Materia Medica course teaches herbalists of all skill levels how to focus on a single herb at a time to deepen their knowledge of individual herbs. Creating your own Materia Medica, or personalized herbal reference, allows you to create a good foundation or focus on your continuing education.

The Mushroom Course is a beautiful introduction to the strange, alluring world of fungi. You can read my review of the Mushroom Course here. I also created a roundup of some of my favorite mushroom articles from the Academy blog.

For my next adventure with the Academy, I’d really love to take the Botanical Drawing Course (#ad). I already enjoy keeping sketchbooks and nature journals, but I think the Botanical Drawing Course looks like a lovely way to explore new techniques. It will also be a great way to take my materia medica to the next level.

Enjoy your herbal studies!

The sale runs through September 18th, so be sure to visit the Herbal Academy page and browse their course offerings (#ad). You’ll also enjoy reading their blog (#ad) to find recipes, tutorials, informative articles, and interesting interviews. Trust me – you’ll want to make a cup of tea and stay awhile.

I hope you enjoy wherever your herbal studies take you over the next 12 months!

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