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This year is going to be my Year of the Mushroom. My boyfriend was low-key obsessed with mushroom spotting on our hikes last year and my dad is looking into converting his farms to grow specialty mushrooms. So I jumped on the bandwagon and enrolled in the Mushroom Course by the Herbal Academy (#affiliate). It’s fantastic, but I think you will also love these stellar FREE articles and resources from the Academy about the benefits of mushrooms. Here’s my roundup of their best mushroom articles below!

Ten amazing mushrooms for wellness

This article has a free mushroom chart download! Many mushroom benefits support wellness, and this printable chart is a useful reference. You can download and print a copy to keep with your mushroom books or on your herbal resource shelf at home. It’s perfect as a study guide or as a guide to help you investigate further.

Read: Ten amazing mushrooms for wellness (#affiliate)

Five essential mushrooms for your home apothecary

If you’re a home herbalist, you won’t want to miss this article. It’s an interesting introduction to lion’s mane, turkey tail, cordyceps, reishi, and maitake. Herbalists often use mushrooms as extracts, in tea recipes, or as a broth ingredient for soups. This article also covers the ins and outs of using them for health, including cautions and contraindications.

Read: Five essential mushrooms for your home apothecary (#affiliate)

Chai syrup recipe with reishi

I love chai. A mug of chai on a bad day makes a lot of things better, right? There’s something so perfect about the blend of warming spices, and it makes a great carrier for extra herbs. This recipe incorporates reishi mushrooms for an extra wellness boost!

Read: Chai syrup recipe with resihi (#affiliate)

A guide to cooking with edible mushrooms

If you’re new to using mushrooms in the kitchen, this article has you covered. Learn tips for storing and cooking mushrooms, plus a few yummy recipes to get you started.

Read: A guide to cooking with edible mushrooms (#affiliate)

Mushroom bitters recipe

A bitters recipe with damiana, cardamom, ginger, and a lovely blend of mushrooms. This easy recipe will help you enjoy the benefits of mushrooms in a balanced, nuanced blend to support digestive wellness. Damiana is also one of my favorite nervine herbs, so you can glean benefits on many levels with this recipe.

Read: Dark and stormy mushroom bitters recipe (#affiliate)

What you should know about lion’s mane mushroom

This mushroom makes a good ingredient in soup, and it’s good for you! Learn about lion’s mane mushroom benefits in this interesting article. I love that lion’s mane doubles as a food ingredient. It has a reputation for being fantastic for immunity and cognitive function, so it’s nice to know it’s so versatile. This article includes info about the health benefits, how to ccok with it, and other creative uses (like adding it to coffee!).

Read: what you should know about lion’s mane mushroom (#affiliate)

Learning more about the benefits of mushrooms

These articles are great for piquing your curiosity and getting you started on understanding how to access the benefits of mushrooms. If you loved these articles, you will also enjoy the Herbal Academy’s mushroom course!I’m enrolled and reviewing it as I go along here on the blog and on my Ko-Fi membership page. Here’s my affiliate link so you can enroll if you are ready to take a deep dive into the interesting kingdom of fungi and their health uses.

The Mushroom Course

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