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A sensory approach to learning herbalism is great for beginners! This free workshop with Herbal Academy was just announced, and it offers three pre-recorded video lessons and a beautiful e-book. This workshop proves that you don’t need a garden, home apothecary, or even access to places to forage to enjoy the art of herbalism. It’s designed for all experience levels to enjoy.

The workshop is open from December 7th-11th and is free for everyone. You can sign up now to save your seat! (#affiliate)

Who is the Sensory Approach to Herbalism workshop for?

This workshop is designed for all levels of herbal experience. If you’ve always been curious about learning herbalism, it’s a great place to start. However, the workshop also provides a fresh perspective on connecting with herbalism for more seasoned herbalists. So, there’s a little something for everyone! This workshop is perfect if you:

  • are wondering how you can be an herbalist without having a garden, a place to forage, a home apothecary, or many supplies on hand
  • have tried using herbs, but felt like they didn’t work
  • are an herbal student already but are struggling with motivation
  • just want some inspiration to rekindle your joy in herbalism

Why study herbs with this workshop?

It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of supporting yourself and loved ones with all that plants
have to offer. Yet, sometimes, it’s hard to start using herbs.

This workshop will empower you to connect with plants – simply – and with a depth of
understanding you may have previously missed.

So, I hope you’ll join me as we take a little time for our herbal studies during the hectic holiday season, and connect with others in the herbal community! Let’s herbalism for the first time, or enjoy learning about herbs with a fresh perspective.

Sign up for the free herbal workshop here (#affiliate) or with the button below.

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