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Making a zine has been on my project list for years now. When I set up my Patreon page last fall I finally promised myself I would do it, because I thought it would be the perfect thing to create for the wonderful people who have my back and wholeheartedly support what I do here on the blog and at Common Branch. Thank you, you guys are awesome! 

I have to admit, the whole process has been a little scary. The format felt so much more intimate to me even than blogging does, and blog posts are definitely somewhere near the top on the list of casual and intimate communiques.

But I kept at it, and after some trial and error (and completely confusing the people behind the desk at the local print shop), I ended up with something that’s actually pretty close to my initial vision. 

Patrons have access to the eZine version via the Patrons’ login at the top of the page, and if they pledge support at the $6/month level, they get the full zine delivered right to their doorstep. If you aren’t a Patron but still want to read the zine, it is also available in my Etsy shop. It’s up to you, but I’m working on even more really neat perks for Patrons that will roll out in February, so do keep that in mind!  

This edition is mostly about winter health, and also offers prompts and inspiration for you on your own herbal journey.

In the end, I chose six articles for this edition:

  • Staving off the Chill with Hearthside Elixir
  • Breath is Life: A Winter Materia Medica for the Lungs
  • Mugwort: An Unusual Ally for Dark Times
  • Plant Profile: Passionflower
  • Tea Time! Hedgerow Overnight Steep

Of course, it wouldn’t be a zine without a personal touch. My handwritten thoughts and prompts are sprinkled throughout. 

Really, if I’m honest, I have to admit: even though it was a scary process it was also really fun. I had a blast, and I’m already working on the next edition, which will come out in May.

I hope that, besides giving you some neat recipes and articles about winter health topics, this edition will encourage you and help you realize that what you do as an herbalist- whether you are helping friends and family, working on community herbalism projects, taking your herbal education to the next level- what you do MATTERS. 

Herbalism is about community. People communities, plant communities, world community. I hope that you will include herbs as friends and allies in your personal life, and also venture out into the bigger world of herbalism.  

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