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Have you heard about the new herbal documentary series, Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness? They are airing the episodes for free for a limited time!

You guys, I was a little skeptical when I signed up to watch this. I like documentaries, but I wasn’t sure if this would be to “woo-woo.” However, it features some of my favorite herbalists heroines like Rosemary Gladstar and Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, so I decided to give it a shot. They are two of my favorite herbalist role models, after all!

I just sat down to watch the first episode, and all I can say is: I’m so glad I didn’t miss this!!!! It seems to be really well researched and packed with great info, and the production quality is top notch.

What is the Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness?

The Remedy is a documentary series about herbalism. Watch the full episodes of the series by signing up for the email. There’s only a limited time the links will give you access to the free viewing, so you’ll want to watch them when they air.

There’s no catch. If you decide to purchase the DVDs or digital copies of the documentary series, I make a commission. If you don’t want to buy them, you’ve just watched a really wonderful documentary for free!

Ready to watch the trailer and sign up? Click here or on the picture below!

I’m so impressed with the variety of herbalists, doctors, and researchers they’ve interviewed for this documentary. I think you’ll really enjoy it too!

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