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Tips and Tasks for Your Fall Herb Garden

​Herb gardening is all about timing and cycles. We have a zone 7 garden, and late summer and fall can be a bit of a slump in terms of harvesting. Generally, herbs harvested for their […]

Exploring Herbs + Energy

​Welcome to Day 23 of the 40 Day Herbalist Challenge! Today’s Challenge focuses on what types of herbs can be used to support energy and keep fatigue at bay, and we also explore more about […]

Exploring Herbs + Sleep

Sleep is one of those things: if you are stressed you are probably not getting enough, and if you’re not getting enough you are probably feeling even more stressed. So I thought it might be […]

Exploring Herbs + Stress

Welcome to Day 21 of the 40 Day Herbalist Challenge! Today’s Challenge examines ways that herbs can be used as part of a natural approach to stress management. I hope you will forgive the lack […]

Nervine Herbs for Emotional Wellbeing

​Welcome to Day 20 of the #40 Day Herbalist Challenge. It’s hard to believe we are halfway through, but here we are! Today’s Challenge will be short and sweet, but it delves into the important […]

Using Tonic Herbs for Whole Body Balance

​Welcome to Day 19 of the 40 Day Herbalist Challenge! Today’s topic, tonic herbs, is one that can be fairly complex, but I’m going to explain the basics so you can do further research on […]

Discover Herbal Bitters with 15 DIY Recipes

​Welcome to Day 18 of the 40 Day Herbalist Challenge! Bitter is a yucky flavor, am I right? I actually have a fondness for a few bitter things (grapefruit and gin, for instance – oh, […]

Boost Your Nutrition with Nourishing Herbs

Welcome to Day 17 of #40DayHerbalist Challenge! Today’s Challenge looks at ways you can benefit from a category of everyday herbs known as nourishing or nutritive herbs. Herbs that fit in this group are nutrient […]

How to Use Adaptogenic Herbs for Everyday Health

​Welcome to Day 16 of the #40DayHerbalist Challenge! We mentioned adaptogens earlier in the Challenge when we looked at an overview of the types of herbs you can use everyday. Today, we will look more […]

Herbs + Honey  or  Glycerin

​It’s so hard to believe we are at the end of Week 3 of the #40DayHerbalist Challenge! Today’s Challenge focuses on the topic of herbs and honey, with a tutorial on how to make a […]