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How to Make Herbal First Aid Kits from Vintage Luggage

If you are interested in building out an herbal first aid kit, let me take a moment to warn you: it can easily become a bit of an obsession. There are many different styles and […]

Developing an Herbal Perspective on Pain

​Welcome to Day 35 of the 40 Day Herbalist Challenge! We’ve been focused on herbal first aid all week, and you can’t really talk about herbs and first aid without at least mentioning an herbalist’s […]

Post-Injury Herbal Support

Although it’s easy enough to find information on yarrow, plantain, and even comfrey for herbal first aid uses, there are several other plants that are nice to have on hand after traumatic injuries like sprains, […]

Herbal Support for Infections

   You’ve probably seen lists like “Top (you name the number) Antibiotic Herbs” or “X Number of Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics”  in magazines and online that talk about the antibiotic properties of plants. I hate […]

5 More Useful Plants for Herbal First Aid

Mullein, valerian, dandelion, plantain, and calendula are five excellent first aid herbs to become familiar with. Let’s take a look at each along with their herbal actions. Mullein Verbascum thapsus Mullein is well known as […]

5 Versatile Herbs for First Aid

Today, let’s look at herbs that you might want to include in a basic herbal first aid kit for home use if you are looking at using simples. When I first started putting together my […]

Setting the Stage for Herbs and First Aid

First aid is an important set of skills on it’s own, separate from herbalism, but adding herbs brings several valuable things to the table. For today’s Challenge, I’d like to talk about a few different […]

A Quick Guide to the Uses of Plantain

In the southern states, May and June are the perfect months to learn about the herbal uses of plantain because that’s when this herb is abundant and at the peak of its growing season. This […]

4 Herbs For Emotional Support

Many herbs can be used for emotional support during and after stressful events and emergencies. Essentially, herbs for these types of situation all come from the same class of herbs called nervines. Lavender, linden, rose, skullcap, […]

The Herbal History of Black Willow

Willow trees have long been used in healing, and there are many traditional medicinal uses for willow. When most herbalists turn to willow, they reach for white willow, Salix alba, which is easy enough to find […]