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It’s been a busy month! I wanted to post this round up for the summer solstice, but obviously didn’t make it lol! Here’s a quick recap:

I was able to build three 4×4 raised beds, and plant out some lavender, rosemary, sage, dill, yarrow, balloon flowers, lemon balm, basil, and echinacea. This is thanks to a large supply of old bricks, a $1 plant sale I stumbled upon, and pilfering from my mom’s garden- and she has bee balm, fennel, and valerian that I will be able to take divisions from, too. It feels so good to have a garden again. There’s something about a few minutes in my garden every morning that changes the tone of my whole day. I feel lost without it. 

In addition to playing in the dirt, I’m enrolled in The Human Path’s online Herbal Medic Basic to get in some formal “continuing education credits” (so to speak). I try to work in a new course or class every year or two just to stay on top of my game. A fresh perspective can bring a lot of clarity and insight, even if it’s things you think you already know very well. 

Still writing for pay on the side and holding down a day job, too!

Plants of Merit patches are still in the works- we’ve just had a hiccup or two with the patch suppliers. Common Branch is on hold for now, there is some wait and see going on at the moment- I will keep everyone updated, though, and we’ll see how things go!

As usual, there’s been plenty of behind the scenes stuff going on here at the blog. I’ve managed to write enough monthly blog posts to last through the end of the year, so you have some new reading material heading your way.  *pinky promises*

You may have also noticed that the affiliate links and most of the sidebar have suddenly disappeared on the blog. I’ve moved the archives to a designated page- being able to browse by title is pretty cool, plus you can see where else I’m writing around the web that way. 

As far as the affiliate links go, there’s a big transition underway at The Independent Herbalist. It will soon be reader and listener supported (yes, listener- we will soon have a podcast!) – and supporters will get exclusive content, giveaways, and other fun stuff on our community page at Patreon!  I’ve been looking for a sustainable, mutually beneficial way to continue doing what I love minus the constant shilling about “check out the affiliate links, buy stuff!” and I think Patreon is a good fit. But more on that later. 

I’ve kept the HANE, Plant Healer Magazine, and Mountain Rose links- these resources are just way too cool not to share, and those can be found on the new Resources page.  All of this shuffling and moving around is to make the blog easier on the eyes, for one thing, and also puts the focus where I want it to be- on the content!  

While I finish getting things set up and ready to roll with the new articles and podcasts, here are some great summer-time herbal pleasures to enjoy from here, there, and everywhere:

Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea at The Little Epicurean

Ten Elderflower Recipes and Remedies from Herbal Academy of New England  

White Clover Pudding: A Recipe for Comfort and Healing at Gather

Soothing After Sun Spray at Mountain Rose Blog

Basil Orange Lemonade from sandwicherie  

Raspberry Chamomile Cream Sodas by With Food + love 

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