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​Have you been itching to find some new herbal reading material? Well, I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and Spirited Herbal Living, Volume One is now available on Amazon! Starting tomorrow, you will have three days to download it for FREE! This is a compilation of the most popular articles from the blog, mainly exclusive articles from our Patrons community that you might be curious about. Unless you are a Patron, you won’t be able to read most of these articles anywhere else. Here is a peek at the table of contents:

14 Practical Uses for Herbal Teas
If you thought herbal tea was just for drinking, think again. There are many creative and practical ways to use herbal teas in daily life to support health and well being.

Shelf Life of the Home Apothecary
You carefully craft your own herbal products, but how long can you expect them to last? Find out in this article.

Creating Sanctuary: Sacred Space in the Herbal Home
The home should be a place of peace and healing where we can find comfort when everything in the world around us seems too crazy and too unstable. This is a peek into my personal self-care practice, so you can find creative inspiration for your own practice. 

Adding an Herbal Twist to Your Morning Routine
Mornings- love ’em or hate ’em, how you do ’em makes a difference for the rest of the day. Why not start out with an herbal morning routine? 

Herbal Field Guide: Sumac
Learn a bit about foraging for sumac, what health traditions are behind it, and even how to use it as a cooking spice or refreshing drink!

Simple Herbal Preps for Fall and Winter
Getting yourself ready for a healthy fall and winter doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming! Looking for quick and easy tips for your cold weather routines? This article has you covered.
+ 9 more articles and projects to help you build your home apothecary and enjoy a creative, inspired herbal life!

Many of you are familiar with my first book, The Independent Herbalist: A Beginner’s Guide to Herbal Preparedness, which has several rave reviews on Amazon. If you decide to download Spirited Herbal Living for free this week, all I ask is that you leave a review with your honest opinion on the Amazon website after you’ve read it!

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