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​There are quite a few herbal blogs worth following, but there are a few that I think really stand out from the rest.  They have beautiful photography and site design, great articles with a unique perspective, and plenty of DIY inspiration! All in all, I think these online herbal resources make the perfect reading material paired with a cup of tea and an afternoon to relax. 

Cauldrons and Crockpots

Cauldrons and Crock Pots is the blog of herbalist Rebecca Altman, who is the inspired creatrix behind Kings Road Apothecary.  Her shop is full of delightful sounding herbal products like Desert White Sage and Lavender Bitters, Rose + Immortelle serum, and Nettle Seed and Seaweed Salt. On Cauldrons and Crockpots, Becca posts long, thoughtful articles that explore our inner landscapes as much as our herbal ones, with a focus on herbalism shaped by native plants from the local environment. 

Visit Cauldrons and Crockpots:


“Wild Food/Magical Cookery” is exactly what this blog showcases. Gorgeous photography and creative, gourmet recipes with foraged ingredients make this a must-follow blog. Gather also hosts events in Victoria, BC that look like loads of fun.  Children’s Wildcrafted Fairy Picnic? Too cute! The mission behind the business is to support food security and the viability of community supported foraging through education, lobbying,  and strategic planning.

According to their website,  Jennifer Aikman and Danielle Prohom Olson are

“Reviving health-promoting wild food culinary traditions (as well as creating delicious new ones!) they explore the local terroir, season by season. They envision Gather as a community-based resource that promotes the concept of “sacred sustainability”—the fostering of harmony between individuals, community, the economy and the planet’s life supporting ecosystems.”

Great blog with an incredible mission- what’s not to like? 

Visit Gather:

Worts and Cunning

Alexis J. Cunningfolk is the herbalist behind the enchanting Worts and Cunning blog. Her Lunar Apothecary course is for “The Brave+The Odd, The Curious + The Changelings, The Wild Ones + The Magick Makers.” The Worts and Cunning blog explores astrological herbalism, a system of assigning herbal categories and uses based on planetary correspondences. The blog is delightfully arcane, playful, and illuminating- there really is nothing else quite like it. If you are a student of the tarot or exploring enchantment as a path to healing, be sure to stop by and give it a look!  

Visit Worts and Cunning:

The Herbal Academy

With a mission to provide affordable, high quality herbal educational resources via the internet, this is an ultra modern approach to herbalism that is nonetheless rooted firmly in tradition. When I first stumbled upon their blog and looked into their courses, my first thought was “I wish this had been around when I was first starting out!” In fact, it was love at first sight, and now I am delighted to work with them as their marketing assistant and member of the writing team. The Academy has an impressive list of regular contributors, which means there is always something interesting going on in the blog feed. There is an emphasis on family and community, and also many useful how-to posts and herbal profile articles. 

Visit The Academy blog:

Mountain Rose Blog

If you don’t follow anything else on the Mountain Rose blog, you will at least want to keep up with The Sunday Steep, a weekly tea recipe or profile on a featured herbal tea’s health benefits. But chances are you will want to tune in for many of the other articles, too- they cover pretty much every herbal topic imaginable. The interviews with herb farmers are always fascinating, and the blog covers some pretty unique DIY and recipe ideas for the home herbalist. Well worth adding to your blog feed, and- with their emphasis on environment and sustainability- also a great company to buy your bulk herb supplies from. I use many of their products and have always been pleased with the quality! 

Visit the Mountain Rose blog:

Of course, there are new herbal bloggers joining the scene all the time, but these are a few that have been around for a while and that I love to visit when I want a little inspiration. I hope you will find a new favorite to enjoy from this list! 

All the Best,

What are your favorite blogs for herbal inspiration? Leave me a note in the comments! 


Full Disclosure: Most of these blogs are written by herbalists with their own businesses, or by a company that hires herbalists to provide content for their blogs. As mentioned here and elsewhere on the blog, I work for the Academy, and I use Mountain Rose herbs personally. I’m also part of their affiliate programs, but I’d still have mentioned them even if that wasn’t the case- I think they’re great! I have no affiliate links to the other blogs. Happy reading!
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