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Last week, we all saw what happens when Inca “helps” in the garden. 

Argos is much less sinister and much more spoiled rotten. And he smells rotten, too, because he treats himself for fleas by sleeping in the supply of garden sulfur.

I have to watch my back with Inca, but I can’t get anything done when Argos is around, either, because he throws himself at my feet and tries to convince me that LIFE IS SO HARD. RUB MAH BELLEH!!!!!!

​Complete with loud, piteous protests if his demands are not immediately satisfied. Then he goes for shameless clowning.

It usually works. Case in point:

Obviously, I encourage his antics. But I did warn him that his tail probably wasn’t going to taste that great. Like I said: he likes to sleep in garden sulfur. So he always smells like Satan. And probably tastes like him, too.
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