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Wild violets are often relegated to the “pesky lawn weed” category by gardeners. Surprisingly, this small plant is quite useful. Read on to discover violet’s health benefits. I’ve also included links to some fun recipes using this lovely springtime ingredient.

The articles below are some of my favorites found around the web. Pin this article for later, because I add to it whenever I find another good one!

A historic look at violets

For the traditional use of violets, this entry in A Modern Herbal by M. Grieve (an online version of the 1931 publication) is interesting and informative. I love reading old herbals, although it’s best to double-check the info you find! Modern safety information is sometimes more accurate.

Blueberry wild violet salad

This blueberry wild violets salad at Sumptuous Spoonfuls looks delightful. Violet flowers, greens, blueberries, and goat cheese pair up with a honey lemon ginger dressing for a springtime treat.

Creating an herb journal entry about violets

Herbalists use a type of journal known as a materia medica as a personal tool to study plants and deepen their herbal knowledge. Take a peek into herbalist Jane Metzger’s notes as she creates a local materia medica entry about violets (#affiliate) over at the Herbal Academy. There’s also a recipe for violet leaf juice and a free download so you can make your own materia medica pages.

Enchanting blue flower tea

Violet flower tea is an enchanting shade of blue or teal, depending on the variety used. Here’s my recipe for making your own wild violet tea. Sadly, the blue brew doesn’t have much of a taste, but adding a little lemon livens things up (and changes the color).

Sweet and sour wild violet oxymel

Learn how to infuse violets in vinegar and blend with honey to enjoy my violet oxymel. Violets make a wonderful seasonal tonic and this is a recipe that I look forward to every spring!

Violet lemonade recipe

Love lemonade? This beautiful and refreshing recipe for violet flower lemonade (#affiliate) is sure to please!

Wild violets for lung health

Be sure to visit The Nerdy Farm Wife for a quick and simple violet leaf syrup. This recipe focuses on violet’s affinity for lung health. Great step-by-step instructions. She also has another post discussing her experience making and using a violet leaf balm for skincare.

Originally published April 7, 2014. Updated December 30 2021.

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