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I’m obsessed with lavender. It’s been an affair for years now, and I always keep dried lavender on hand for recipe experiments. After spending an afternoon daydreaming over lavender recipes recently, I collected the best to share here. After all, I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for a little lavender magic!

Where to buy lavender buds

I wish I could grow my own lavender. However, this herb doesn’t thrive here in the south. It needs a mild climate with dry winters. Our hot, humid summers and wet, icy winters usually kill it. Since I can’t grow it myself, I buy it online through Mountain Rose Herbs (sponsored). I buy most of my herbal supplies there. Now, on to the recipes!

Savory lavender recipes

You might not think of this herb as a savory ingredient. But. . . it actually pairs well with many savory dishes. It’s even an ingredient in the French spice blend Herbs de Provence.

Braised Radishes with Lavender at Holy Cow Vegan

Potatoes with Rosemary and Lavender at the Splendid Table

Herbs de Provence Roasted Mushrooms by Foraged Dish

Lavender recipes for baking

My favorite baking pair-up with lavender is lemons! It’s such a fun, summery taste. Here are a few ideas for baking with lavender.

Elderberry Fig Galettes with Lavender at Botany Culture

Lavender Vanilla Shortbread at Purely Elizabeth

Lemon Lavender Poundcake at Rejoice Nutrition and Wellness

Sweets and deserts

Lavender Vanilla Honey Lollipops from Frolic and Flare

Salted Caramels with Lavender by Snixy Kitchen

Honeydew Lavender Sorbet by Hunger Thirst Play

Lavender drink recipes

Chamomile and Lavender Tea by Eating Well

Lavender Vanilla Iced Lattes by How Sweet Eats

Lavender Latte with Oat Milk by Le Petit Eats

Enjoy your summer! And make it extra special with a little lavender magic in the kitchen!

Learn more about lavender

Lavender is great in recipes. It’s also a good herb for wellness. Interested in lavender’s herbal uses? Be sure to read my article Lavender Benefits for Health and Wellness.

Photo by Lida Sahafzadeh on Unsplash

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