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Happy first day of Spring! Are you looking for some seasonal herbal inspiration? I wrote an article about self heal for a new digital magazine, and I hope you will consider ordering a copy! I love this magazine so much and can’t wait to sit down with a cup of tea and spend more time with it. As an herbal publication, the Botanical Anthology Spring 2023 edition (#affiliate) has everything I love about folk herbalism. Here’s what you can look forward to when you order your copy!

What is Botanical Anthology?

Botanical Anthology is published by Plant Wonder Collective. Each edition builds around the natural world by celebrating spring, summer, fall, or winter. There are over 55 articles from 42 writers!

You’ll find articles, recipes, and DIY tutorials focusing on herbalism. I’m so impressed with the variety of articles and projects. And the photography? Absolutely stunning. Such a fun read!

What’s in the Botanical Anthology Spring 2023 edition?

Do you enjoy backyard foraging? Trying new seasonal recipes? Love to make herbal skincare? This magazine has plenty of new projects for you. If you want to connect with the spring through ritual and folklore, you’ll also find lots of inspiration.

Springtime herbs include violets and dandelion. But it’s also a time for flowering trees like hawthorn and magnolia. The Spring 2023 edition includes herbal articles about:

  • the herbal uses of self-heal
  • how to identify and use violets
  • tips on foraging/using red clover blossoms
  • a guide to foraging hawthorn
  • sea buckthorn for the home orchard
  • harvesting and using cottonwood and poplar buds
  • how to tell the difference between spring look-alikes henbit and purple deadnettle

After looking at the beautiful photography and reading a few articles, I’m ready to grab my foraging bag! Many of the plants on this list are easy for backyard foragers to find. So I feel like it’s also a great resource for newbies.

Recipes for celebrating spring

In addition to all the wonderful herbal knowledge, this magazine provides many seasonal recipes. After all, who doesn’t love a little plant magic in the kitchen? Personally, I can’t wait to try:

  • carrot and ginger shrub
  • oakleaf mead
  • herbal rhubarb salsa
  • stuffed magnolia petals

There’s even a recipe for dandelion jelly. (I also have a recipe for dandelion jelly with homemade apple pectin here on Indie Herbalist if you’re curious! My recipe uses apple pectin, but the Botanical Anthology recipe is even easier!)

Connecting with the spirit of spring

You’ll also find ideas for connecting with the spirit of spring. Some of the most interesting articles include:

  • Celebrating spring with gorgeous floral loose incense (tutorial and recipe!)
  • Try a seed ritual
  • Learn about Ostara
  • Explore plant folklore about hawthorn

Botanical Anthology spring 2023

This digital magazine is a beautiful collaboration with many herbalists. It’s an inspiring way to reconnect with the season and explore herbalism from a folksy, whimsical perspective. Between reading and crafting projects, you’ll stay busy until the next addition arrives!

Here’s the link to explore the spring edition! Botanical Anthology Spring 2023 (#affiliate)

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