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DIY Herbal Vinegar Extracts, Oxymels, & Fire Cider

Welcome to Day 14 of the 40 Day Herbalist Challenge! Today’s Challenge is all about herbs and vinegar. Vinegar is another very useful ingredient in the home herbalist’s tool kit and can make a wide […]

Herbs + Oil: Learning to Make Herbal Oil Infusions

Welcome to Day 13 of the 40 Day Herbalist Challenge. Herbs + Oil is a useful combination. By infusing herbs in oil you can create flavorful ingredients for your kitchen that allow you to add […]

Herbs + Alcohol: Making Extracts, Elixirs, and Cordials

Welcome to Day 12 of the #40DayHerbalist Challenge! Today let’s talk about herbs and alcohol. There are several different preparations that can be made with herbs + alcohol, the most common of which are extracts, […]

Herbs + Water: How to Make Infusions and Decoctions

Day 11 of the #40DayHerbalist Challenge Herbs + Water is the most basic of herbal preparations, but basic does not mean blah. Herbs + Water is all you need to create teas, compresses, steams, and […]

5 Surprising Herbs in Your Spice Cabinet

Day 10 of the #40DayHerbalist Challenge The herbs and spices in your kitchen cabinet have some uses that may surprise you, so consider today a mini introduction into the magic of kitchen herbs. Next week, […]

What Can You Make with Herbs?

Day 9 of the 40 Day Herbalist Challenge Welcome to Day 9 of the #40DayHerbalist Challenge: What Can You Make with Herbs?   How have you used herbs? As a tea or an extract? In […]

Tips for  Using Single Herbs + Creating Herbal Formulas

Day 8 of the 40 Day Herbalist Challenge Herbs can be used one at a time or blended together. The practice of using single herbs is sometimes called simpling, and blending herbs together is sometimes […]

Creating + Managing Your Organized Home Apothecary

Welcome to Day 7 of the #40DayHerbalist Challenge! Keeping track of herbal supplies and projects can be tricky until you find your rhythm, because some herbal projects and recipes will need a few weeks to […]

Sourcing Herbs + Maximizing Shelf Life 

Welcome to Day 6 of the #40DayHerbalist Challenge: Sourcing Your Herbs + Maximizing Freshness & Shelf Life. Dried herbs are one of the most common ways to work with herbs, but it’s important to remember […]

#40DayHerbalist Challenge – Here Comes Week 2!

Week One of the #40DayHerbalist Challenge debuted on January 2, 2017, but there’s still plenty of time to catch up, or start following along at your own pace. Here are links to the first 5 […]