Category: Home Apothecary

A Tour of My Working Home Apothecary

A few years ago I did a mini tour of my home apothecary, and it has been one of the most popular posts here at indieherbalist. It offered a glimpse into how I like to […]

The Herbal History of Black Willow

When most herbalists think about willow, they think about white willow, Salix alba, which is easy enough to find at health food stores. Otherwise, the word ‘willow’ might conjure up images of the graceful landscape tree […]

Organizing Your Herbal Tools & Supplies

  ​Maybe you’ve just started learning about herbs, but you’ve already managed to gather an impressive collection of dried herbs, extracts, supplies, and information. Feeling overwhelmed about how to organize your herbal accouterments and notes? […]