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A Tour of My Working Home Apothecary

A few years ago I did a mini tour of my home apothecary, and it has been one of the most popular posts here at indieherbalist. It offered a glimpse into how I like to […]

3 Reasons to Use Dried Herbs Instead of Fresh

​Dried herbs are easier to obtain than fresh, but are you missing out by not having access to fresh herbs? Not at all! For several reasons, dried herbs are usually a better choice than fresh, […]

Glycerin vs. Alcohol for the Best Herbal Extracts

​​ Herbal extracts can be made with either alcohol or glycerin. Home herbalists often have lots of questions about the difference between these two types of herbal extracts. So what’s the difference? Why choose one […]

The Herbal History of Black Willow

Willow trees have long been used in healing, and there are many traditional medicinal uses for willow. When most herbalists turn to willow, they reach for white willow, Salix alba, which is easy enough to find […]

Organizing Your Herbal Tools & Supplies

  ​Maybe you’ve just started learning about herbs, but you’ve already managed to gather an impressive collection of dried herbs, extracts, supplies, and information. Feeling overwhelmed about how to organize your herbal accouterments and notes? […]