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Herbs and Women’s Health

 This week on indieherbalist we will be investigating herbs and how they can be used to support women, men, and children, and also take a look at herbs for pets and the topic of herbal […]

Lymphatics: Herbs + Immune Function

Today’s post is about discovering the difference between herbs for short- and long-term immune system support and explore the topic of lymphatic herbs – a class of herbs that is often overlooked for supporting immunity! […]

Exploring Herbs + Digestion

When it’s working well, chances are you barely notice your digestive system; but digestion can be a big deal if things get even a little unbalanced! Although there are too many different topics associated with […]

Lavender Tulsi Sparkling Water

I really, really believe in the saying “Keep It Simple, Sweetie!” when it comes to health and herbs. There is no reason to struggle with icky tasting extracts or down a handful of pills when […]

How to Grow Immortality Vine as a Houseplant

Did you know there’s an adaptogen you can grow as a houseplant? Adaptogenic herbs are a wonderful group of plants to work with for health, and they can make really nice garden and landscape plants […]

Tulsi + Green Tea Ice Pops

I am struggling with allergies this year. Really struggling. Last year I dealt with fluid in my ears for a good three months after not having much of a peep from seasonal allergies in several […]

Holy Wow! Green Rooibos Tea Recipe

Today I’m sharing one of my homemade tea blends with you. I sometimes call this my “Holy Wow!” tea blend, because I enjoy punny names and it has tulsi (aka, Holy basil) as one of […]

12 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Herbalist

One of my favorite traditions for New Year’s is making a list of 12 herbal projects or activities I want to try in the coming months. Over the years, my list has included recipes I […]

A Quick Guide to the Uses of Plantain

In the southern states, May and June are the perfect months to learn about the herbal uses of plantain because that’s when this herb is abundant and at the peak of its growing season. This […]

4 Herbs For Emotional Support

Many herbs can be used for emotional support during and after stressful events and emergencies. Essentially, herbs for these types of situation all come from the same class of herbs called nervines. Lavender, linden, rose, skullcap, […]