Category: Herbal DIY

Violet Oxymel

Sweet violets are in full swing here on the farm! So far, I have made sweet violet tea, attempted to make sweet violet syrup, and have made two types of violet blossom vinegar. The success […]

Foraging and Using Tulip Tree

Tulip tree (Liriodedron tulipifera), also known as tulip poplar or tulip magnolia, is a native medicinal herb and old folk remedy of the Appalachians. In my experience, tulip tree bark is easily gathered from downed […]

Organizing Your Herbal Tools & Supplies

  ‚ÄčMaybe you’ve just started learning about herbs, but you’ve already managed to gather an impressive collection of dried herbs, extracts, supplies, and information. Feeling overwhelmed about how to organize your herbal accouterments and notes? […]